Tuesday, April 13, 2010

“Obama: World is Safer After Nuclear Summit.”
“Future of space exploration and Obama's visit to KSC (Kennedy Space Center) topics of April Forum Club luncheon.”
“Obama talks up Earth Day 2010.”
“Obama Salutes Retiring Supreme Court Justice Stevens.”

This is just a mini sampling of the headlines I’ve seen this week in regards to President Obama. The list of issues and deeds he faced in the past few days alone is daunting. And now, Obama heads to Poland to help that country mourn the loss of its president, Lech Kaczynski, who was killed in a plane crash.

It’s a mad world for President Obama, filled with problem solving, tasks, and decision making, and I understand that. But I have an issue that I didn’t read the one headline I really wanted to see and didn’t: “Obama throws out first pitch at White Sox opener.”

It has been a while since the president has been home to support his once beloved city and team, the Chicago White Sox. But besides that, what he did last week was not a hit with me. Right there, for all the world to see, Obama sported a red Washington Nationals jacket (gasp) as he threw out the team’s ceremonial opening pitch against the Philadelphia Phillies April 5.

A Washington Nationals jacket? Say what? OK, even though Obama also donned a nice black White Sox cap, his outfit tells me he’s halfway into making the Nationals his new favorite team. Watch and see, next year, he’ll be in full Nationals gear, and the Sox will be a distant memory, and then we’ll all be calling him a Benedict Arnold. I can see him now, walking around the White House humming his new words to that old White Sox theme song…”Na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, kiss me good-bye.”

But was Obama really a true fan to begin with anyway? He had a tough time that day naming his favorite White Sox player when asked who it was by former Sox Pitcher Rob Dibble, now a broadcaster. Obama totally danced around Dibble’s question and Dibble didn’t press the issue, I’m sure not wanting to toembarrass the president of the United States. Obama also skated around the question by admitting he even likes the Cubs! Talk about being smooth at changing a subject.

So as you can see by the week’s headlines, Obama has spent beaucoup time talking about a lot of important world issues. But one thing he didn’t talk too much about was his once-beloved White Sox, nor his seemingly all-but-forgotten hometown.

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