Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Bitch is Back

The front page of Tuesday’s Sun-Times may have sported the huge headline, “Betty’s Back,” but I knew what they really meant: “The Bitch is Back.”
Yes, former Cicero town president Betty Loren-Maltese is back in town, but she was barely recognizable with her once almost clown-like appearance tamed way down. And her famed fake eye-lashes were hidden behind sunglasses, and her bird’s nest-like, big hairdo, gone.
What happened to the Betty Loren-Maltese we all used to know and love to watch, the outspoken, ballsy woman whose escapades had us cringing? Where was the woman who had donned false eyelashes and flaunted herself in front of TV cameras as if she was the Queen Bee? Where was the self-assured, catch-me-if-you can attitude that Loren-Maltese once sported?
I guess serving six-and-a-half years in prison tamed the savage beast. And now, Loren-Maltese will spend the next four months at a Salvation Army facility, fulfilling the remainder of her sentence for bilking millions of dollars out of the people of Cicero for personal gain and even a few expensive Caddies or two for some of her reputed mobster cronies.
But even though Loren-Maltese is now a convicted felon and defrauded the town for more than $12 mil, she still gets to keep her health insurance. So not only has the town footed the bill for the “Cicero Godmother’s” rip-offs, but they now have to continue to pay for the 60-year-old woman’s health? Seems to me they’re getting ripped-off twice. Good thing Cicero is now considering changing their policy and banning public officials convicted of a felony from drawing health insurance on the taxpayers’ dime.
Loren-Maltese had vowed to clean up the town, but as the Illinois Police & Sheriff’s News put it, she cleaned out the town.
If you ask me, your whole scene has gotten pretty ugly, Betty.