Friday, August 22, 2008

Parks champion arrested at Chicago Plan Commission hearing...

In the midst of testifying his opposition to the south Lincoln Park soccer field before the city’s Plan Commission on Aug. 21, park advocate Peter Zelchenko was removed from the hearing and arrested shortly thereafter. He was charged with disorderly conduct, according to News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli.
Zelchenko---a Lincoln Parker and founding member of Protect Our Park--- was physically forced out of the hearing before being handcuffed. He was calm and not resisting being arrested. He called the arrest, "terribly insensitive, demoralizing and dehumanizing."
"My problem is when a cop says I have to leave and I don't do anything," Zelchenko said. "I do the just thing, not the smart thing."
Zelchenko was testifying before the commission when he addressed 48th Ward Alderman Mary Ann Smith and was asked to stick to the issue when trying to use up his allowed three minutes of time. His microphone was shut off and he continued to speak and asked that he be allowed to finish before being removed by Chicago police.
"I'm so tired of the way this city is being run," Zelchenko said. "We have a dictatorship...ot's not fair."
Zelchenko is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 15, at Branch 43, 3150 W. Flournoy. He was released after about six hours.
Solid Impact was on the scene as Zelchnko was arrested, and booked shortly thereafter at 17th and State. As we saw it, there was no reason for his arrest and Chicago cops were pissed off as hell at him. He should have had his three minutes as everyone else, particularily the proponents of the soccer field, did.
More to come and pix shortly.

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